Video Slots in the UKVideo Slots in the UK

Since Charles Fey invented his Liberty Bell slot machine way back in 1895, developers of slot machine games have been improving them, culminating in the latest video slot machines. These machines come in numerous variations, with some able to hold a maximum of 3025 winning lines as well as unique additional bonus games.

What is a video slot

Actually, there are a whole lot of misconceptions and myths as to how the video slots work. They are also the most misunderstood of all the online casino games. The first thing to note is that video slot is just a game of chance and as some people seem to think, a player cannot do anything to change the outcome of a game. This is because all the games are regulated by means of computer programs that ensure that the casino always win, over time. As in the short term, you may lose or win as the case may be.

Video slot machines usually have 20-100 symbols on every virtual reel with the symbols that pay higher appearing less than the lower paying symbols. In a video slot machine, you are free to play many lines at once. As you press the button ‘spin’, all the reels begin to spin at once, although the outcome is decided the moment you press the button. In fact, the stop position and the resulting symbols for every reel are decided randomly by software that is independent of all other reels. As you watch the reels spinning, the result will be displayed as a win or a loss.

The spins you make are not in any way affected by any other spin, as every spin has the same odds for winning. Another thing to note is that the positions of symbols on the reels do not change at all, as they are placed permanently to make certain that the right payout percentage is maintained. In fact, there are plenty of systems on sale claiming to beat these video slot machines, but every one of them is totally useless as none can foresee or beat an outcome that is generated randomly by the software. By buying these scam systems, you are losing your precious cash.

Here are some tips on how to have a better chance at winning:

It is wiser to make a bet at a level that is affordable to you. Some players chase their losses with increasingly larger bets, and this is very unwise. So never increase your bets when you keep on losing. It is wiser to play progressives with winnings and put a limit to your wins and losses. It will help you to read the pay table before you begin playing and do not ever deviate from your gambling budget.

Online casinos offer various different video slots for you to play and none of them are equal. A general rule for winning is to remember that if the jackpot is big, the chances of winning are slim. For this very reason, find video slots that offer good pay outs and come below the highest prize. Mid-level jackpots are easier to hit more often and also offer you good entertainment value while playing for cash.

Small and large wins

There is no sure shot way to win. However, if you make higher wagers, you have a higher chance to win mid-range or high payoffs. Smaller bets tend to produce smaller outcomes, so it is better to play maximum wagers when necessary but don’t go overboard.

Different slot games

Apart from the traditional games, many video slot games are in the form of famous computer games that are largely based on Hollywood movies. Thus games such as The Exterminator, Robocop, Lord of The Rings, Beach Life etc. are very popular with the gamers.