Second Strike


The video slot game Second Strike is very simple to play and so it is the ideal game for new players to try out before moving to more advanced ones.

It was developed by Quickspin as a fitting tribute to the first of the slot machines of old. The game has fruits for a theme, making it extremely colorful and alluring. And you can play Second Strike to the rhythm of the softly playing lounge music in the backgrounSecond Striked that truly relaxes you without taking anything away from the play.

How You Bet

The coins in this game range anywhere between 0.01 and 10.00. The minimum wager that you can make on a spin remains 0.10, with the maximum win of an incredible 120,400. You need to place the bets whenever you spin the wheel, making it essential to deposit cash into your gaming account before you can start playing.

What You Win

A lot of gamers are attracted to Second Strike because of the immense winnings that are in store for them. Actually, with a mere spin, you can multiply your original wager by around a 1000 times. This prospect is very exciting to the players. This means that all those players who feel that they are lucky tend to keep playing the game until they are able to gain a big win. Since there is a lot to play for, it is truly worth spending some time playing this exciting video slot.

As you begin playing the game, you are sure to find that it is not at all easy to stop. Whenever you happen to win the outer wheel gets all lit up. After this, the wheel begins to spin again and if it stops on any lit up symbol, you can cash in your winnings.

How Free Spins Work

The Second Strike does not grant any free spins to its gamers as the game is full of other frills as well as extra features. In spite of this, Second Strike can be highly addictive. Those who have been playing this game for some time really appreciate the straightforward approach that allows them to take pleasure in it. Here there are no flashing video clips to distract them, although the game comes with an entire series of features. In fact, the game gives a second opportunity to win on all wins, which truly increases in value with the passing of time.