Mega Joker

There have been a number of themed slot games available today such as that of Rock band or tropical forests. One such themed slot game with the themes of fruits is Mega Joker. The Joker plays tricks with the fruits and the gamer has to find the fruits to Mega Jokerwin or to win rewards. Mega Joker is an online slot game with 5 reels and about 40 pay lines.

How To Play?

Mega Joker is played with 40 pay lines and provides the gamers with a very fruity experience each time. The best part of this slot game is that it allows the player to play two slot games at a single time. The gamer can start playing with the basic mode and then, later on, can proceed to the super meter mode. Playing is easy where the gamer has to select the coin value and then the lines to start. The gamer has to get the same symbol in numbers of 3, 4, or 5 to win or at least to win a few rewards.

How You Bet?

While the player is betting, he or she can bet on the number of coins to be selected and also the number of lines. There are two ways how betting is done in Mega Joker. The single Bet is done in the normal way it is done in other slot games, while Max Bet is something different. In the case of the Max Bet, the player can bet on multiple numbers of lines. This increases the chances of winning more amount and rewards.

What You Win?

There are 40 win lines to play for in the game. The slot machine with multiple coin options is provided so that the players can play 2 slots games at the same time. This increases the chances of winning the amount. Also, when the player plays goes for Max Bet, it makes the player play in Supermeter Mode that allows the player again to win more often due to multiple combinations and chances.

How FreeSpins Works?

There are free spins available but in the basic mode. Of course, free spins are a great way to play safe and gaining chances of winning rewards and the bet.

Mega Joker provides a background that has a fruit theme and also provides various features such as Supermeter mode and multiple slot games at once that increases the chances of winning the bet each time.