Koi Princess

PlayKoi Princess

The soothing traditional Japanese music that accompanies playing is remarkable. Koi Princess offers players a great opportunity to win big with winnings up to 1000 times their stake. It is a four random feature and five reel game where a player spins and can win cash prizes, free spins or bonuses. The support of PC, tablet, and smartphones allow the players to have fun and make money wherever they are. The possibilities include:

  • 5-Hit Random feature
  • Random Wild Random feature
  • Wild Reels Random feature
  • Bonus Activation Random feature

How To Bet

Upon depositing in an account created, the user stakes an amount and spins the slot machine. The outcome ranges from direct winnings of cash prizes to bonuses and free spins that give more chances of winning. The four random features align on the twenty possible pay lines, and the total of the correctly predicted features on pay lines is calculated to give the outcome. Bonus features showing up will mean the player can redeem for other spins. The bet can be on a single spin or on an auto play where the slot spins the given number of times on its own.

What One Wins

The outcome of a spin determines how much money the player earns and whether they get any bonuses. Cash prizes can be as much as a thousand times the stake. Depending on the positioning of the features on the pay lines, the amount earned varies. Free spins and bonuses are also what a player can win in a spin. The bonuses include;

  • Sure Win Free Spins feature where one gets ten free spins
  • Wild Reels Free Spins feature where one gets ten free spins with between one and five reels with overly wild feature
  • Coin Win feature where there is multiplication of the cash prize by a number between 15 and 30
  • Bonus Wheel feature that encompasses the sure win free spins and wild reels free spins features

How Free spins Work

When a player earns a free spin, it means they can turn the slot without using any amount. The possibilities of winning are similar to those of a spin that has money staking. For instance, when a player gets ten free spins, it means they will be able to spin ten times without having to stake any amount. These free spins are always opportunities to win big without risking the loss of one’s money. The free spins earned from the usual spins that have money stake have always been a game changer for most gamblers as they stand a chance to make it big.