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Every casino game player has to have a clear understanding on the bonuses generally available so that he optimizes his winnings and get the best outcome from his deposits. There are several bonuses that one casino might offer. The following sections will pass you through what are casino bonuses and which are those.

What Is a Casino Bonus

A casino bonus refers to the generous offers given by the casino to encourage players to make an account, deposit money and keep returning to gamble and play its favourite games. There are a big variety of casino bonus types that are rewarded under certain terms and conditions that need to to be met before being awarded. Players need to analyze critically all the details before falling for magic words like bonus, freebies, giveaway or incentives. Usually, these bonuses let users try for free certain games, like roulette, blackjack, video poker or slots or multiply a few times the first deposit they make into the account of the on-line casino they chose to play. Before accepting a certain offer, a gamer should evaluate the proposition after the following criteria:

  • Bonus type reveals how the bonus is given: for free plays, in the form of the first deposit percentage, as a match for the deposit, as a loyalty for returning clients or for high rollers.
  • Bonus value type refers to the implications that come with it. It can be restricted to be used for certain games or it needs to be wagered a certain number of times before it could be cashed out.
  • Wagering requirements are the conditions that have to be met before getting it. The player should pay extra attention on these terms as they influence how the bonus is garnered.
  • Allocation type is the actual medium that generates the bonus distribution. It can arrive via a code, by filling a form or giving up the bank account information.
  • Withdrawal restrictions refer to how the earnings can be claimed. If the money used for gambling originate from a bonus, they might be asked to be wagered a certain amount of times or they could generate a limited amount of winnings.


The turnover term refers to the total amount wagered at a certain casino, including the winnings that have been reinvested into other gambles.

So you have accepted your new player bonus, with or without investing some funds of your own. Now you have to pay some good attention on how this deposit is played and the conditions that you have to meet before you actually could withdraw your deposit and bonus cash into your personal account. These are the turnover requirements. One player should understand from the beginning that it is unsustainable for a casino business model to give away money or bonuses and allow them to be withdrawn right away, without any criteria’s being first met. Players need to understand that even if they are not allowed to withdraw the bonus money right away, they are still given the chance to gamble with the casino money, without any losing’s of their own.

Let’s take the example of a 150% deposit bonus. The bonus can be awarded in two ways:

  • Front loaded bonus, this means that if you deposit 50 into your account, you will receive the 75 bonus from the casino right away and could start betting it. You placed a 50 bet, and won 1,000, but you cannot yet withdraw your funds because the turnover requirements are 20×50, which is 1,000. This means you have to wager 1,000 on different bets before you can actually withdraw your winnings.
  • Time depending bonus refers to a certain bonus amount that you unlock as you place bets. You might have the 75 value bonus, but it will be available to you in steps, in the most cases after you wagered your money first once or two times.